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How do you envision the future of creativity?

For more than 10 years Ad Age has invited young creatives to design a cover for Ad Age's annual Cannes Issue. This year we're moving beyond still images by teaming up with TikTok to tap into the creativity and community of the platform and shine a light on global talent.

The 2023 contest asks entrants to create a TikTok video to showcase what the future of creativity looks like. We want to see that future through your eyes and see you get creative with the video format—be it animation, a stop-motion movie or a clip of a conversation with an AI chatbot, as long as it is your original work.  

The Young Creatives Contest winner will have the opportunity to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and be honored at our Ad Age Cannes Lawn Party in June 2023.


Monday, April 10, 2023, at 5 p.m. ET Friday, April 14 at 5 p.m. EDT

Entries closed



Eligibility requirements
This year's brief
What you'll need to submit
Terms & conditions

If your question isn't answered, please contact .


The contest is free and open to students, full-time agency creatives and freelance creatives who are age 30 or under on June 19, 2023. You must be 30 or younger on June 19 to qualify.

Ad Age and TikTok will announce a number of finalists, but only one winner (or creative duo) will be selected. The winner will have the opportunity to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and be honored at our Ad Age Cannes Lawn Party in June 2023, attending alongside some of the biggest creative powerhouses in the industry.

The final deadline to enter is April 14, 2023, at 5 p.m. ET

Please read the brief and follow the instructions. Only entries submitted via AdAge.com/YoungCreatives will be entered into the contest.


It's been three long years since the last Ad Age Young Creatives Contest went to Cannes. Three years of finding new ways to connect with others. Three years of discovering new ways to be creative. Three years of change for the marketing and advertising community.

From primetime TV status quo to an overwhelming ocean of content, the old ways for brands to break through and reach audiences are rapidly evolving. Brands are looking for new creative methods to tell their stories. The advantage now lies squarely with the end user, the audience and the community. And you.

You, young creatives, will lead us into the next transformation of creativity. You will discover a new way for us to connect through entertainment. Maybe you’ll create the next global breakthrough TikTok that everyone else is stitching. As young creatives you hold the future of creativity in your minds and in your hands right now. So show us.

What does the future of creativity look like for you?

You can show us how you create. You can show us where you find inspiration—or who gives it to you. You can show us where your mind goes when you're firing on all creative cylinders or how you found your style.

Video is a powerful medium, and the tools you have today are far beyond what existed three years ago. Use those tools to innovate your creative stories. You can create a short film, tell your story through photography or sound, cast your friends and direct it yourself—any way you want to illustrate your idea.

A message from our partner

In the past three years, TikTok has been inspiring creativity and spreading joy. Some have called us the last sunny corner of the internet. We've connected people across cultures through the power of video and sparked completely new ways to hold the attention of the world through entertainment. ForYouPages everywhere are exploding with creative optimism, telling the stories of everyday people, and shining a light on a world full of diverse voices and points of view. TikTok has challenged the standard and put the power of imagination into the hands of anyone with a phone.

In addition to using our Stitch creation tool, we encourage you to use the native creative tools on TikTok to bring your vision to life. We want to see how you use our platform in new and surprising ways.*

If you do not have access to TikTok in your region, you can still enter by using the free CapCut app. See our FAQs for more info.


Using TikTok's Stitch creation tool, you will need to use the following video from TikTok's Global Head of Business Marketing Sofia Hernandez and add your own video. Your video must be no more than 60 seconds in length and must be your original work.

@adage Ad Age is teaming up with @tiktokforbusiness ♬ original sound - Ad Age

You will also be asked to write about your video creation, explaining the idea, how you created it and why it represents your vision for the future of creativity.

All entries are FREE and open to young creatives who reside and work anywhere in the world, but entries must be made in English.

@adage Calling all young creatives! Stumped on how to enter the 2023 Young Creatives Contest with @tiktokforbusiness? Don’t worry our very own Studio 30 Editor, John Dioso, and@amandumb are here to teach you some top tips on how to create a TikTok video! 🤳🏼 So what are you waiting for? Watch now and don't forget to enter at http://adage.com/youngcreatives #fyp #tiktokforbusiness #canneslions #ad ♬ original sound - Ad Age



The final deadline for Young Creatives submissions is April 14, 2023, at 5 p.m. ET

Entries closed



Visit our FAQs section. If your question isn't answered, please contact .


The program is open to students, full-time agency creatives and freelance creatives who are age 30 or under on June 19, 2023. You must be 30 or younger on June 19 to qualify.

We accept duos. Both team members have to be under the age of 30 as of June 19, 2023 to qualify. Teams with more than two people are not eligible to apply.

Once you have created your video on TikTok, you will need to download the file and fill our the entry form at AdAge.com/YoungCreatives.

You can use your own original images, music and videos. You can also use images, music and videos that you paid for (licensed through a performing rights organization or Creative Commons) or those that are royalty free.

Please be careful using music, images or videos that is copyrighted or that you do not have permission to use. See TikTok's community guidelines for more details.

No, you must create an original TikTok video specifically for this contest and you must use TikTok's Stitch creation tool with the video from TikTok's Global Head of Business Marketing Sofia Hernandez.

Not at all. Nominees from outside the U.S. are welcome to enter; all entries must be made in English.

No. Anything included in an entry should be considered as public information. There’s no space for explicitly confidential information, and we ask entrants to anticipate that anything in their entry could become public—mostly because we don’t want to wind up trying to honor a winner without being able to tell anyone why we want to honor them.

Yes! For any entrants in areas/regions that do not have access to TikTok, you can leverage the free CapCut app (Android; iOS; CapCut.com), which has some editing and creative tools similar to those on TikTok.

Once you've edited your video, you can enter the video via the application form.

The deadline for all entries is April 14, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET.

All entries are free.

Unfortunately, once you have submitted your entry, you will not be able to log in to edit the form in any way. If there is factual information that is incorrect, please contact the awards team to request a change.

Please note changes cannot be made once the final deadline has passed and judging has started.

Ad Age and TikTok will notify winners and finalists in early May; the winner will be announced in June.

Our awards team is here to help with any technical issues you might experience. Please contact .

Please note that your account on AdAge.com is separate from an account you create for Young Creatives and any other Ad Age award programs. When you click "Enter now," please make sure to register a new account (unless you've submitted to our awards before and already have one). If you still experience any issues logging in, please email awards@adage.com.



Got questions? We're happy to help

Award Inquiries:  awards@adage.com